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Church Planting

LTTN was founded as a local church that raised leaders to plant churches.  Today we have planted over 350 churches across Brazil through our partnership with SURGE.


Social Justice

Brazil is a country of strong contrasts.  The poor live side by side with the very wealthy.  Through each of our campuses we work daily in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, in the inner city streets with the homeless,  feeding the needy, providing job training and free psychological counselling to the poor.


Spiritual Justice

Feeding the body is always accompanied by feeding the soul and heart.  We see that feeding the body but neglecting the spirit is a true Spiritual Injustice.  Our campuses around Brazil are unashamed to share the gospel through action and giving but also through the word and prayer.


Story About Us

LTTN was founded in 2000 as a missions and church planting ministry focused on Brazil.  Since then we have planted over 350 partnering churches and our own church has grown to 5 campuses across Brazil.  We daily work with the poor in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and our thriving church reaches all levels of Rio society. 

Our Works .

Since 2000 LTTN has partnered with SURGE Project and multiple local partners to plant over 350 churches across Brail.  We have also planted and thriving, giving, loving, 5 campus church that reaches many of the least reached areas of Brazil.  We have also planted a K-12 School, and a Publishing House.  

What Others Say

Dave Meyer Jr.

“Philip Murdoch has proven himself to be an outstanding leader in this generation with a great desire to see the Gospel spread through South America. Through the church planting efforts of his ministry lives are being touched and transformed by the power of God. We at Joyce Meyer Ministries have been supporting his ministry for several years and in this time Philip has always proved himself to be a man of excellence and integrity. I can heartily recommend Philip Murdoch to you. I believe support for this ministry is seed sown into good ground.”
David L. Meyer, CEO World Outreach


Larry Stockstill

“…Pastors Philip and Renee Murdoch … serve as one of the twelve directors of our Global 12 Project that is planting churches worldwide. Philip and Renee are working in … South America and are having tremendous effectiveness. They are … planting churches, primarily focusing on unreached and neglected areas.”
“I have known this couple for many years, and Philip functioned as chief of staff and administrator at our church for several years. I have never known a more dedicated, faithful and honest couple than Philip and Renee. Please consider them in your missions giving. Every penny you contribute will be well spent and administered. It will produce a great harvest of souls for which you will be richly rewarded in eternity.”
Larry Stockstill, Senior Pastor
Bethany Church


Jack Harris

“For the last twenty years I have traveled extensively throughout the world. In nation after nation God has allowed me to meet some of the greatest leaders there are. Philip Murdoch definitely fits into the category of a “world class leader”! His level of commitment and passion are as high as anyone I have met. He is willing to give anything and everything in order to do what God puts in his heart.”
“One of the guidelines I use to measure a man’s leadership ability is by looking at who his friends and co-workers are. Philip’s friends are world renowned leaders. Pastors Dino Rizzo and Larry Stockstill in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pastor Don Matheny in Nairobi, Kenya, Pastor John Siebling in Memphis, great missionaries like Luke Walters, Rusty Domingue and others regularly work with Philip and the list goes on and on. He has assembled a team of equally committed people who work with him in Brazil. Brazilians and Americans work by Philip’s side and are just as committed as Philip is. I truly believe they would “storm hell with a water bucket” if Philip asked them to!”
“Over the years the friendship that Philip and I have has grown and matured into a trusting committed friendship. We have dreamed together, traveled together, and preached together all over Brazil. Philip is a man of great integrity who I trust implicitly. I recommend that anyone who wants to be effective in church planting, leadership development and mentoring partner with Philip and his team. When you partner with them, you will become part of a world shaking, nation reaching team.”
Jack Harris, President of Global Messenger Service



“It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.”  
Isaiah 49:6


Social Justice and Spiritual Justice Through Church Planting


Plant Churches that Raise Leaders that Plant Churches

Meet People Behind
Our Success .

Marcus Stumvoll

C.O.O and International Coordinator

Philip Murdoch

LTTN , Founder

Renee Murdoch


Rodrigo Basto

Campus Pastor

“Invite Philip or Renee to minister at your church.”