About Us

Social Justice and Spiritual Justice Through the Local Church

Christ’s arm on earth is the local church.  The local church is best equipped to bring Christ’s compassion and healing within the context of the message of eternal life and abundance.  At Light to the Nations our primary mission is to spread the gospel through church planting.  As such we are a part of a church planting network called SURGE (www.surgechurches.com).  Through this network we have planted over 350 churches since 2000 and funded over 250.  These churches have been very successful with over 92% still meeting and growing to this day. These churches were planted with partnerships with regional leaders throughout Brazil. This may well be one of the largest interdenominational church planting projects in Brazil.

Our church plants have primarily been focused on the least reached portions of Brazil however we have also planted churches in Chile and Argentina.

Your gifts toward church planting represent some of the most cost effective methods of evangelism available.

In additon to working with a diverse group of leaders around Brazil we have also developed and sent out leaders from within our organization. Currently we have 5 Light to the Nations campuses in

  • Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Niterói, RJ
  • Juiz de Fora, MG
  • Ceatés, PB
  • Garanhuns, PE

Meet The Team

Marcus Stumvoll

C.O.O and International Coordinator

Philip Murdoch

LTTN , Founder

Renee Murdoch


Rodrigo Basto

Campus Pastor