Services We Provide

Reaching the Lost

Crusades and Church Planting

We have identified the need to reach out to the neglected and unreached portions of Brazil.  Brazil is a nation of drastic contrasts, the rich live side by side with the poor and the same is true in the spiritual context.  While the capital cities seem to be in revival the interior is extremely neglected with less than 3% Christian in many areas.  There are thousands of villages and cites with populations of 2,000 to 30,000 with no churches or combined church attendance of less that 100.  We are devoting much of our resources to reaching these cities.  Our crusades range in 5,000 to 15,000 in attendance and are held in smaller cities in the interior of Brazil.  We work in partnerships to plant churches in each of the cities we hold crusades and assist in coordinating the followup.  We have seen huge changes in small cites across Brazil.

Building the Body

LAN Publishing

In 2005 we determined the need to develop and distribute training literature across Brazil. We began LAN Publishing Company ( and have published over 90 books and counting which are distributed across a network of Christian bookstores and churches in all states of Brazil.  Our authors include John Bevere, Lisa Bevere, T.D. Jakes, Robert Morris, Jentezen Franklin, Perry Stone, Larry Stockstill, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, among many others.

Equipping the Leaders

Church Planting Seminars

The Church Planting Seminars which are held around Brazil in a three day format are designed to teach and inspire and equip pastors to send their best to plant churches across Brazil.  The seminar begins with a call to missions for Brazilian pastors and ends with a 12 step program for Church Planting.

Hundreds of Pastors have already attended our seminars resulting in hundreds of churches planted.