Renee Murdoch



Renee Murdoch

Renee was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She grew up in a typical south Louisiana Catholic family.  She attended Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and LSU.  In 1994 she married Philip Murdoch and moved to Rio de Janeiro as a missionary, and church planter.  

In October 2012 while jogging on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Renée was attacked and beaten by a homeless man with a fence post.  She immediately entered into a coma and had 2 emergency open brain surgeries and an additional 4 brain surgeries in the months following.  Her prognostic was of a 65% chance of death within 14 days and a 92% chance of severe disabilities requiring 24 hour care if she were to survive.  Renée spent 30 days in the ICU and over 2 years in Neuro-Rehabilitation and has now totally recovered. Renée’s story and recovery was widely covered by secular media throughout Brazil.  More than 12 million viewers have seen her videos in Portuguese.

Through this time Renée has come to understand  that not only has she been given a new life but also amazing giftings in the area of healing. Renée currently travels across Brazil and the USA ministering in churches and Women’s Conferences speaking to thousands of people and ministering healing.  Renee and Philip have four children Julia, Micah, Caroline and Ethan.

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